• Multi-Touch Display

Multi-touch Professional LED Displays for Businesses

Freedom to connect, create and share

Our multi-touch professional LED displays bring smarter, faster solutions for everyone using or interacting with visual technology in your business.

With a choice of screen sizes from 42” to 80”, suitable for landscape or portrait installation, there’s a multi-touch screen that is perfect for your needs and location.

Panasonic’s interactive screens with whiteboard functionality are ideal for collaboration and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments and especially designed for classrooms, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, offices, lecture theatres and presentation rooms.

Intuitive and robust touch screens are also available to interact with your audience or visitors. They’re built for challenging environments like shops and stores and live entertainment venues.

Interactive collaboration displays with easy-to-share, easy-to-connect functions

Equipped with whiteboard software, the BF and BQ multi-touch displays bring practical functions to collaboration and learning, such as PowerPoint presentation mode, video and screen capture and desktop mode. For more interactive participation, up to 10 touch points mean that several people can write on them simultaneously.

To make content easier to read, our larger screens – from 65” to 80” – also have high-brightness and anti-glare treatment built in. And to make life easier all round, BF1 models are equipped with wireless and Digital Link functionality.

Digital Link connection simplifies installation and saves on cabling costs, while wireless connectivity offers an effective Bring Your Own Device environment, allowing you to share information stored on mobile devices. This simpler operation, coupled with more interactivity and a wide range of collaboration features allows for greater efficiency and better productivity in every operation.

Interactive signage with high touch accuracy and fast response times

Featuring ShadowSenceTM touch technology, the SST range offers precise and accurate touch detection and fast response – ideal for interactive digital signage. ShadowSense™ uses sensors to detect an object’s shadow and work out its exact size and location. This enables displays to automatically detect and switch between input devices, from fingertips to styluses or erasers. They can even recognize (and ignore) accidental touches.

Working in very bright environments - with any input device (fingers, gloves, pens) – these screens are highly tolerant against dirt and sensor-blocking objects. Built for up to 24/7 continuous operation, they also have 4mm hardened safety glass for added security against impact – invaluable in high-traffic areas. Meanwhile, improved Anti-Glare (AG) screen treatment scatters reflected light from any overhead illumination to reduce glare and improve all-round visibility.

With our AF1-SST range, you can take advantage of Panasonic’s embedded OpenPort Platform™ technology, too. Here you get the accuracy of our robust ShadowSense™ Touch technology plus the performance of a stand-alone solution. This is because our Android™-based OpenPort Platform™ removes the need for external computers. Ideal for installations like interactive POS displays and way-finding signage.

For even more collaborative experiences, our LF80-SST displays support flat, upward facing installation. This means you can create a multi-user, multi-touch interactive table. And an incredibly engaging active learning environment.

Through restless innovation and tireless customer service all these advanced features enable your displays to interact quicker and more precisely, giving you the freedom to engage with any audience.