• 4K Ultra HD Displays

4K LED Displays designed for professional use

4K resolution. Zero restriction.

Panasonic Visual Solutions has been relentlessly perfecting technologies that free you to create the ultimate visual experiences. Now, as the world moves 4K, we’re keeping you one step ahead of it – combining bright, crisp 4K resolution with the ultra-reliable, ultra-durable qualities you’ve come to expect from our display technology. Now nothing needs to hold you back when you create large scale, high quality displays with high resolution images.

High durability with strong digital signage impact

Our 4K display monitors are already being used in a wide range of professional environments including public information displays, store signage, rental and staging, broadcast studios and meetings rooms. Thanks to their high impact resistance and a 24/7 operation capability, they’ll withstand the toughest conditions. So they can be relied on to perform wherever information delivery is critical, like train stations, airports, shopping centres and control rooms. To extend their usage even further, all our 4K LED displays are compatible with our previous large 1080p plasma screens accessories and lifting systems.

There’s even a version with 3.5J impact resistant protective glass on the front of the display. With its tolerance for external impact, this rugged design is safe to install in places with heavy footfall, like stations, airports, and shopping malls. The special frame construction also resists twisting, making it ideal for rental applications where the panel is frequently installed and transported.

With a special frame construction that reduces monitor weight by up to 22% (and an 84” display weighing just 84Kg) the glass-less version of our 4K display screens can be safely mounted high up, ensuring more viewers can see them. Great for rental and staging companies, control room applications and conference rooms. They can also be installed vertically or display 4-inputs on one screen for maximum digital signage impact.

High resolution imagery, down to the very last detail

Large-scale images are increasingly being utilised in public spaces. But as screen sizes increase, full-HD quality can lack sufficient resolution. Fine, intricate detail can be lost. Our large 4K displays allow you to create big, bold displays whilst still ensuring fine text and textures are reproduced with sharp, high clarity. They’ll even enhance any non-4K images that are transmitted, too. With approximately 8,290,000 pixels – or about four times the pixels of a Full-HD display – images are incredibly detailed.

With Panasonic 4K you can be certain your message or information will be seen.

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