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Panasonic RQ35K projectors illuminate Singapore’s National Day Parade 2021

Singapore celebrates it’s annual National Day Parade (NDP) every year with a dynamic integration of colour, sound and performance by various community groups and organizations. Despite the onset of Covid-19, coming together and celebrating is part of human nature. As such, the NDP organizing committee endeavoured to find a way to honour and commemorate special events.To make the event inclusive for both parade attendees and home viewers, the focus shifted towards broadcast with the need to ensure details and picture quality was consistent, albeit the home viewer not being physically at the parade grounds.


To create an immersive and well-balanced show environment both on-site and on-screen, the planning and technical committee first needed to calibrate and match up how the content looks on both LED and projected surfaces. Then, there was the need to allow enough lighting on the performers to be properly presented on screen. This posed a big challenge to ensure the projection outcome was not compromised.


To answer these projection challenges, Panasonic’s partner, Hexogon Solution decided to use Panasonic Laser Projectors to ensure an optimal balanced projection with the brightness coming from lightning and LED screens, and so it was especially important to have very bright and very colourful projection presented on the floor. To achieve this, a total of 30 Panasonic RQ35K projectors were used for NDP2021. The RQ35K projector is a 30,000 lumens 3-Chip DLP 4K projector and it also performs very well, in the hot and humid climate of Singapore.


The new direction using Laser projection was a resounding success, as explained by Mr Peter Loh, technical director of NDP 2021. “Digital floor projection was one of the key elements in the show segment and the Panasonic Laser projection enhanced the show by filling the entire stage with vibrant colours and accentuating the story telling of the show segment. There was significant improvement in the brightness and vibrancy of the image color quality as compared to previous years. As technical director of NDP 2021, “my goal was to ensure a good balance in projection with the other AV components like lighting and LED screens. This technology shift to laser light source made it easier to fulfil what we needed.”

With NDP2021 successfully completed and executed, Hexogon Solution believes that this is a signpost for the future. Adrian Goh, group managing director at Hexogon Solution surmises: “We are happy that events are back, and we are happy to be involved in such a big event. The collaboration with Panasonic is good and the product has delivered what we expected. So, we hope that more events will come by bigger events will go on and we will be back.”

Equipment Installed

Panasonic RQ35K projectors

PT-RQ35K x 30 units
*World's smallest and lightest 30,000 lm 3-Chip DLP 4K projector in its class
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