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The Projects


Working closely with ClimateCare, one of the leading organisations in the voluntary carbon market, we have selected three key projects which are reducing carbon emissions and bringing sustainable development benefits to local communities.

Wind farm, Turkey
The project consists of 54 wind turbines with a rated power of 2.5MW each, providing a total installed capacity of 135MW, and is located on Gokcedag mountain between Bahçe and Hasanbeyli towns in the Osmaniye Province, Turkey. In addition to the energy benefits, the project also employs local people, sources local materials and components and helps Turkey with its growing energy demand.

Wind farm, Northern China 
Ningxia Yinyi is expected to generate approximately 105 GWh of clean renewable electricity each year, equivalent to the average annual demand of approximately 25,000 UK households. The revenue from carbon finance boosted the project’s internal rate of return above the Chinese investment benchmark of 8%, improving its commercial viability and bringing it in to competition with fossil fuel powered technologies. Additional benefits include providing local employment and encouraging the development of wind power in China.

Cooking Pots, Ghana 
Most families here cook with charcoal in a metal grate or ‘coal-pot’ that burns very inefficiently. The project replaces these coal pots with an efficient stove, known as the Gyapa, that reduces charcoal consumption by 25%. The stoves also reduce indoor smoke levels - UN studies show that smoky stoves kill millions and cause debilitating illness for tens of millions more.