• WJ-ND300

Network Disk Recorder

32 Channel Network Disk Recorder

  • 32 Ethernet-linked network cameras
  • High image quality and frame rate
  • Full IP addressing to maximize flexibility and scalability
  • Built with the future in mind
  • Super simple setup

The WJ-ND300A boasts high image quality, high frame rate, multi-channel capabilities and provides full support for image storage, replay and live monitoring.

Equipped with intelligence and speed alike, the WJ-ND300A's hard disks store images transmitted by Ethernet, from up to 32 networked cameras. The WJ-ND300A is both MPEG-4 and JPEG compatible, and can be connected to up to 32 MPEG-4.Cameras can be conveniently monitored, controlled and reset from the PC display alone.

Users of the WJ-ND300A benefit further from its ease of installation - the Quick IP Setup feature automatically recognizes Panasonic's i-Pro Series cameras as soon as they are connected to the network. Furthermore, Quick IP Setup eliminates the need to assign separate IP addresses for individual cameras.The optional RAID5 board also provides RAID5 support within the recorder itself.

The WJ-ND300A offers sizeable storage with the capability to add 27 hard disks using the optional WJ-HDE300 Extension Units. In addition, Panasonic's WV-ASM100 Management PC Software allows registration of up to 100 network recorders in a fully integrated system, including Panasonic's i-Pro Network Video Recorders WJ-ND200, WJ-ND300 Series, WJ-ND400 and Digital Disk Recorders, WJ-HD300A Series and WJ-RT416 Series.

With fewer cables, lower costs, flexible installation, and an impressive high frame rate, Panasonic's WJ-ND300A is the ideal solution for a number of security applications.