• WV-SMR10N3

Vandal Resistant Network Microphone

Network Microphone

Pick up clear sound of specified area in noisy or acoustically live environments

360-degree audio monitoring

With multiple microphones, 360-degree audio monitoring from a specified direction is possible.

Specifying a desired direction on a camera image

While viewing a Panasonic 360-degree Network Camera image, audio from the desired location can be freely specified by clicking on that location.

* Specifying the direction is available when the image capture mode is Fisheye or Wall Panorama.
When the image capture mode is Quad PTZ

Synchronizing with the Network Disk Recorder

After recording audio to a Panasonic Network Disk Recorder*, the sound collecting direction can be specified while playing back the recorded image of the 360-degree Network Camera.
* Models WJ-NV300 is supported. (as of August 2014)

Can be installed with a 360-degree Network Camera as one unit

The microphone can be neatly installed in one place by integrating it with a 360-degree Network Camera.

Vandal resistant mechanism for high reliability