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Behind eLaLiga Santander: Kairos Powers live IP production

eLaLiga Santander, the official tournament of FIFA 21 in Spain was organized by LaLiga and produced by Mediapro. All camera inputs from studio and players at home, as well as game inputs were managed and controlled with KAIROS in real-time. Thanks to software-based operation, Kairos enabled the live production with lots of PiPs and compositions to be done fast and in a very intuitive way.

  • Audio-basierte PTZ-Kamerasteuerung -Lösung von Panasonic, Sennheiser, Systemhaus Pauly & Crestron

    Bei Aufzeichnungen den Re…

    Bei Aufzeichnungen den Redner im Blick zu behalten ist eine Herausforderung. Um dies bei z.B. Studierenden im Hörsaal oder bei einer Pressekonferenz mit Fragerunde zu ermöglichen, haben Panasonic, Sennheiser, das Systemhaus Pauly und Crestron die stimmenbasierte "Audio Tracking"-Lösung kreiert. Im Video erklärt Stefanie Hartung, wie diese automatisierte Lösung funktioniert und welche Vorteile sie bietet. Mehr Informationen zu den PTZ-Kameras von Panasonic finden Sie hier: Weitere Informationen zur „Audio Tracking“ Lösung erhalten Sie hier:
  • Enhanced toolkit: Color Mattes, Stills, RAM & Clip players I Inside Kairos

    In addition to the common…

    In addition to the common sources, like cameras, servers & GFX, Kairos provides some powerful features in order to enhance the video production experience of the live event. Among which are 8 Channels of Ram Players, 2 Channels of Clip players, as well as Color Mattes and additional stills. Let Helge Schenk explain how to work with the tool-set. CONTENTS: 00:55 Color Mattes 01:55 Clip Players 03:10 RAM Players 04:00 Stills
  • Advanced transitions and effects I INSIDE KAIROS

    One of the KAIROS highlig…

    One of the KAIROS highlights - it’s transition section. Together with Helge Schenk we are going to explore how Transitions can be manipulated and combined with the same ease as images or recorded clips, helping you work under the pressure of a live studio environment. The GUI is easy to use and intuitive for all skill levels, allowing to program various transitions on a single button aiming to create complex designs in an easy way. 00:55 Concept of Transitions 02:00 Activating Preset Bus 02:35 Types of Transitions 03:00 Transitions on layers 04:40 Combining Transitions and Effects 05:08 Building a ReplayWipe
  • Substitution Tables I INSIDE KAIROS

    With the Substition Table…

    With the Substition Table feature, Kairos allows the operator to replace any crosspoints on the bus on the go. Watch Helge Schenk explaining “Substitution tables” which are selectable on Aux-Outputs, and can be used for bilingual shows, replacing beauty shots and more. Learn more: CONTENTS: 00:55 AUX Buses configuration 02:29 Programming Source Substitution #kairos #panasonic #production
  • Audio-basierte PTZ-Kamerasteuerung für die AV-Branche | Webinar mit Crestron, Pauly und Sennheiser

    Webinar verpasst? – Keine…

    Webinar verpasst? – Keine Sorge! Hier können Sie sich die Live-Aufzeichnung ansehen! Ob bei Studierenden im Hörsaal oder bei einer Pressekonferenz mit Fragerunde – die jeweiligen Redner immer im Blick zu behalten, bleibt für die Aufzeichnenden stets eine Herausforderung. Die automatische Bewegungsverfolgung mit optionalem Gesichtstracking funktioniert bereits mit der Auto-Tracking-Software von Panasonic. Gemeinsam mit Crestron, Pauly und Sennheiser stellt Panasonic die stimmenbasierte "Audio Tracking" Lösung vor. Mehr Informationen zu den PTZ-Kameras von Panasonic finden Sie hier: Weitere Informationen zur „Audio Tracking“ Lösung erhalten Sie hier:
  • Future Technologies for Broadcast & VR Studios

    Smart Live Production mak…

    Smart Live Production makes integration into pre-existing systems easier. Watch this session to hear about next-generation TV and VR studios. Anna Arkatova - Product Marketing Manager, Panasonic Business Olga Kepič - Executive Director - TV Technology at Serbian Broadcasting Corporation Guilhem Krier - Head of New Business & Market Development Felix Moschkau - Product & Project Manager, KST Moschkau GmbH To arrange a follow up with a Panasonic representative, please fill out this form:
  • Implement camera cropping in PTZ cameras using a switcher | How to – Videos

    Follow Dean Offord as he …

    Follow Dean Offord as he showcases a new function of the AV-UHS500 4K compact switcher known as the ‘ROI Function’ in this episode of our ‘How to’- video series. ROI – or Region of Interest – allows operators to extract the parts you need from the image output from a camera and assign them to cross points. Operators can extract up to four individual crops from one camera and produce the same images that might be possible with multiple cameras. One of the key features of the AV-UHS500 is the capability to expand on its standard I/O. In this case, by installing two additional AV-UHS5M1 option boards for additional SDI inputs or AV-UHS5M3 for addition HDMI inputs, it is possible for operators to extract a total of 12 images from three cameras simultaneously. Find out more about the AV-UHS500 switcher: Get to know our extensive PTZ line up:
  • Mix and Match SDI and IP signals I INSIDE KAIROS

    One of the key advantage …

    One of the key advantage of KAIROS as a platform is that it supports the transition to live IP workflows, and in doing so, supports the move towards true remote production. Nevertheless, many applications still require mix signals from SDI to IP at the same time, find out how Kairos is able to manage mixed input and output sources. Learn more: CONTENTS: 00:54 Input Settings: 02:08 Output Settings #kairos #IP #videoproduction
  • Panasonic PTZ cameras enable Rennes 2 University’s remote education

    To watch in your local la…

    To watch in your local language, please activate subtitles. The CRÉA is the central service of the University of Rennes 2 which is in charge of all the audiovisual activities at the institution. As the pandemic resulted in students having to join their university lectures remotely, the CRÉA was commissioned to ensure the capture and the diffusion of the courses taught on the campuses of Rennes 2. Following the assignment, the center managed to do 431 recordings and retransmissions in the 22 amphitheaters of the campus in just three weeks during the pre-school year 2020. Thanks to the usage and configuration of Panasonic PTZ cameras, the CRÉA was able to meet all the technical requirements of the University: irreproachable image and sound quality, a large projection distance and the possibility of broadcasting content by streaming. Find out more about the Panasonic remote camera range here:
  • Get centralised control for Panasonic PTZ cameras | How to – Videos

    This episode of the “How …

    This episode of the “How to”-video series focusses on the free-to-download PTZ Control Centre. It is a PC-based software that is extremely useful for those that want to be able to group and control a quantity of PTZ cameras from a centralised point, particularly in higher education institutions and within a corporate environment for example. Let Dean Offord guide you through the set up and explain its key features. Find out more about the PTZ Control Center: Download the software for free:
  • Building macros I INSIDE KAIROS

    Kairos is able to handle …

    Kairos is able to handle the most challenging productions effectively, offering high degree of automation. It’s powerful Macro system can create shortcuts and sequences of operation with a single keypress from Control Panel or Kairos Creator. Learn more: CONTENTS: 01:03 Global, Scene and Panel Macros 02:55 Creating Macro in GUI 04:40 Editing Macro 05:50 Copying macros across the sections #kairos #macros #switcher
  • Creating a mobile 4K workflow at E11even for TV productions

    “Now we are doing most of…

    “Now we are doing most of our productions with the AW-UE100, and we haven't regretted our choice. These cameras deliver above our expectations”, Micke Petäjämaa, Senior Producer & Technical Operations Manager at E11even. E11even, a Swedish TV production company, is specialising in events in the public sector and entertainment industry and they operate with mobile, scalable and versatile solutions. They were looking to upgrade their equipment for 4K workflows and chose the Panasonic AW-UE100 PTZ camera for this. The AW-UE100 integrated pan/tilt/zoom camera supports a wide variety of IP transmission protocols, including high-bandwidth NDI, high-efficiency NDI|HX and Secure Reliable Transport (SRT). It features a 1/2.5-type 4K MOS sensor to produce stunning UHD 4K 60p/50p video and offers a wide variety of interfaces including 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, HDMI and IP. Find out more about the AW-UE100 4K PTZ camera: Find out more about E11even:
  • Connect Panasonic PTZ cameras to Teams, Zooms and Panopto | How to - Videos

    This episode of the ‘How …

    This episode of the ‘How To’-series will focus on the free-to-download Panasonic Virtual USB software and what it can do for you. Dean Offord will lead you through the download and installation process and explain the software’s benefits. As it converts up to five PTZ cameras on a network into USB cameras, it ensures easy and smooth connection to video conferencing applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex or Google Hangouts while providing high-quality. Find out more about the software: Download the software for free here:
  • Complex designs: adding effects to single layers, FxInputs or Aux Buses I INSIDE KAIROS

    Kairos offers software-de…

    Kairos offers software-defined architecture to power the world of creativity. Complex designs can be created with the freedom to add various effects to single layers, FxInputs or even Aux Buses. You can design the ultimate engaging visual experience while ensuring high value of the production. 01:18 Effect input on a single layer 02:08 Adding overlay on FxInputs 03:26 Adding effects on AUX Buses 04:25 Mix & Match effects straight on virtual input 05:07 Flexible crosspoints #kairos #panasonic #videoproduction
  • Processing mixed input sources with different resolutions simultaneously I INSIDE KAIROS

    Being format and resoluti…

    Being format and resolution independent KAIROS can meet any production requirements. KAIROS offers unrestricted flexibility of input, output and operation for efficient production of live video that captivates audiences. It can broadcast standard 16:9 resolution, but also with non-traditional formats such as 32:9 for an LED backdrop display for example. Furthermore, mixed input sources with different resolutions, such as HD and UHD, can be processed simultaneously. Content of the video: 01:08 Input & Output setup 02:00 Working with any kind of resolution 03:08 Working with layer groups, effects and titles 06:24 Using Canvas to manage outputs Learn more: #KAIROS #IPvideo #Panasonic
  • ATV Studio production is one step ahead with Panasonic

    ATV is the newest TV stat…

    ATV is the newest TV station in Kosovo, that started broadcasting in February 2021. The entire studio has been built using Panasonic equipment including the AK-UC3000 4K camera systems and AV-HS6000 2ME live switcher for studio production. The AJ-PX270 and AG-DVX200 cameras are used for news-gathering.

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