Panasonic's LED Light Bulb and HD Integrated Camera Win Top iF Product Design Awards in Germany

Panasonic’s products were highly admired for their excellent design and user-friendliness at the iF Design Awards 2012, one of the most acclaimed, international awards in Europe

Panasonic Corporation has received two Gold Awards, the highest honor in the iF Product Design Award, for its LED Clear Light Bulb (LDAHV4L27CG) and HD Integrated Camera (AW-HE120) at the recent iF Design Awards 2012. Panasonic has also received with iF Product Design Awards for a total of 12 other products from its range of digital HD TVs, digital cameras, electric toothbrushs and others. The honors are presented each year by iF International Forum Design based in Hannover, Germany.

This year there were a total of 4,322 entries from 48 counties in all award categories, and 1,218 products were selected by the panel of judges. Among these, 100 products were recognized with the prestigious Gold Awards. The Gold-winning LED Clear Light Bulb provides sparkling light, just like a clear incandescent light bulb. Using Panasonic's proprietary light emission and diffusion technologies, this LED light bulb has achieved virtually the same size, shape, light source position, light color, brightness, and light distribution as clear incandescent light bulbs commonly used worldwide. Its similarity to a conventional clear bulb in terms of its shape and quality of light makes users feel comfortable with it in their homes, encouraging consumers to replace conventional bulbs with long-life energy-saving LED bulbs. Therefore, it is expected to contribute greatly to global energy-saving efforts. The LED Clear Light Bulb also obtained a Gold Award at the 2011 Good Design Award in Japan, and has been well received worldwide.

Panasonic's other Gold Award winner, the HD Integrated Camera, is a full-HD remote video camera for the professional market, designed with a variety of usage situations in mind, including broadcast studios, teleconferencing and weddings. With a form that allows the operator and participants to quickly determine the camera orientation, it enables them to reliably capture video with ease, while the wide-opening, removable cover offers trouble-free maintenance. The AW-HE120, available in two colors, has achieved a high level of sophistication in design with an inconspicuous appearance, which allows it to easily blend in with the surroundings where it is used.

About the iF Product Design Award
The iF Design Awards were established in 1953 to encourage and promote industrial design, and are conferred by the iF International Forum Design in Hannover, Germany. The awards include the iF Product Design Award, the iF Communication Design Award, and the iF Packaging Design Award. Every year, renowned designers and corporate design directors review product candidates from all over the world, and select those with the most outstanding industrial design. It is one of the most acclaimed international awards of its kind in Europe, also regarded as the birthplace of industrial design.

Features of the LED Clear Light Bulb
(1) LED technology that produces sparkling light similar to that of a clear incandescent light bulb
(2) Works with a wide variety of lighting fixtures, as it is very similar to the clear incandescent light bulb in terms of shape and light quality *1
(3) Energy-saving and long-life (Consumes about 78% less energy, and lasts about 26 times than an incandescent light bulb) *2

*1. May not work with all light fixtures, depending on the bulb dimension, heat emission or other specifications of the fixture
*2. Comparison between model LDA4L/C for the Japanese market (rated power of 4.4 W, rated life of 40,000 hours, and total flux of 210 lumens), and a 100-volt 20-watt light bulb (rated power of 20 W, rated life of 1,500 hours, and total flux of 175 lumens) as specified in the Japan Industrial Standards JIS C7501 "Tungsten filament lamps for general lighting purposes." The rated life is the number of hours of use until the total luminous flux (brightness) becomes 70% of the initial value. The rated life shows an average value and is not guaranteed.

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Features of the HD Integrated Camera
(1) Its directional shape allows the users to quickly determine the camera orientation for simple and reliable remote operation
(2) Effortless maintenance thanks to a large quick-release cover for easy access
(3) Its neutral form and color helps the unit to blend easily into the installation environment