Panasonic Launches Compact Twin-Lens 2D/3D Handheld Camcorder

Superb 2D and 3D Images with the Double 3MOS System and Enhanced Manual Functions in a Single Unit

Panasonic today launched the HDC-Z10000, the world's first  integrated twin-lens 2D / 3D camcorder that is officially compatible with the AVCHD 3D / Progressive standard. The new camcorder provides broadcasting image quality for 2D and 3D filming, manual operations for professional use and uncompromising audio quality.

The HDC-Z10000 bridges the gap between the amateur and professional user in both quality and cost, making it ideal for filmmaking, creative arts student and videographers or anyone looking to capture broadcast quality footage.

Featuring Panasonic unique Double 3MOS System for recording high-quality Full-HD 2D and 3D images. This advanced system mounts two 3MOS sensors (with an effective pixel count for 6.57 megapixels)  for superb colour and detail reproduction. The two large-diameter F1.5 lenses independently mounted on the left and right are treated with Nano Surface Coating, for the first time on a camcorder, significantly reducing ghosting and flare to produce crisp, clear image rendering.

The compact handheld size makes it easy to carry around and allows for a highly flexible operation that meets the professional needs with enhanced manual functions such as three independent rings for adjusting the zoom, focus, and iris control to create the intended image precisely. The Intelligent Auto (iA) function and a powerful new image stabilizer, HYBRID O.I.S+  that lets users capture beautiful and steady images even when shooting on the fly.

A wide range of shooting situations are covered by this versatile Twin-Lens, from 32mm  wide-angle shooting (29.8mm  for 2D shooting) to 10x optical zooming (12x for 2D shooting, 23x for shooting with Intelligent Zoom). This significantly extends the range of uses, from shooting in tight spaces to shooting situations where the user and the subject are far apart.

The resulting Full HD 3D image quality is outstanding; the 3MOS System additionally provides the same effects for 2D, achieving precise and sharp image quality in combination with progressive recording. The twin-lens truly stands out when shooting in low-light conditions and enables the user to record bright images with minimal noise in low-light situations.

Utilising the ultra-high-speed of the newly developed Crystal Engine Pro II, with its enhanced resolution and noise reduction, optimal Full-HD image quality is achieved even in detailed image parts. The same level of performance is also realized for 2D image quality in combination with Full-HD 1920 x 1080, 50 progressive recording.

In addition to built-in microphones for recording Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround sound / 2-channel stereo, the HDC-Z10000 features two XLR audio inputs with a 48-V phantom power supply for external microphone use. Clear audio is recorded with minimal noise.

The camcorder boasts the industry's No.1  close-ups of approx. 45cm for 3D macro shooting which is (approx.. 3.5cm when shooting in 2D) while maintaining an equivalent 32mm wide angle  of view with a twin-lens 3D camcorder, and records images that were conventionally difficult to capture, such as flowers, small animals and jewellery, with 3D close-ups in clear detail.

The HDC-Z10000 naturally excels in the high-quality recording of 2D images, while meeting the constantly increasing need for 3D recording. This makes it an essential camcorder for future on-site content production. With its high-quality professional functions in audio quality and manual operation with LCD Monitor & EVF, the HDC-Z10000 ultimately delivers top class professional capabilities for the semi-professional user.